It appears Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates’ four year streak as the richest person has been broken by the CEO of Amazon Inc., Jeff Bezos.jeff_bezos_of_amazon

The CEO of the tech giant and mass retailer, Amazon, as of 27th July 2017 has risen up to the 1st place in the list of billionaires overtaking Bill Gates with a total net worth peaking at $92.3 billion compared to Gates’ $90.3 billion in the mentioned time period according to Bloomberg.

Source: Bloomberg

Bloomberg data also show that Jeff Bezos, 63, has had an increase of 319% in his net worth in the period of March 2012 to July 2017 with Zuckerberg tailing behind him with an increase in the approximate mid-200%.

Bezos currently owns a major part of shares in Amazon Inc., one of the largest online retailers and business and Blue Origin, his human spaceflight startup company, The Washington Post and has invested in Google, obtaining shares worth over $3 billion, Unity Biotechnology has funded many companies and projects as of date.

Source: Bloomberg

But Bezos, owning 17% of Amazon in shares, shot upto the top of the billionaires due to the recent surges in Amazon shares that propelled him over the longtime runners like Warren Buffet, and Mark Zuckerburg. Since then and as of 28th of July 2017 Jeff Bezos has secured his position at the number two spot of the richest people in the world with a net worth of $89.3 billion followed by Amancio Ortega with a cool $82.7 billion, Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg with $74.5 billion and $72.5 billion respectively. Bill Gates still leads with a whopping $90.7 billion.

Source: Bloomberg Billionaires Index

Yes, Jeff Bezos’ reign was brief and these metrics always change as it does but this just goes to show that there may be a chance that he will be back to stay.

Source: Bloomberg